Monastery Garments
The Glorious Anglican Monastic Tradition Pt.1 (monks)

Abbot Aelred Carlyle, 1919. Founder of Anglican Benedictine monks
Caldey Abbey, Caldey Island, England

Abbot Aelred Carlyle, Abbot Hunter-Blair and tow boy-oblates
Caldey, 1919

The Abbatial Blessing, Caldey October 18th, 1914

The first Catholic professions, Caldey Abbey Ocotober 19th, 1914

The author as a monk of Caldey
July 1913

Lord Abbot of Caldey

Dom Bonaventure at his desk, circa 1957

Brother Christopher delivering the monk's meals

Carthusian choir book Antiphonary

Burial of a Carthusian monk

Dom Damian ouside the Charterhouse

Carthusian monks cell

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