Monastery Garments
Carthusianh Habits

Carthusian monks, on an outing, walking through their monastery's dark forest, Italy.

The Franciscan missionaries of California, 200 years ago named Mount San Bruno and the city of San Bruno, on the South edge of San Francisco after Saint Bruno, the founder of the Carthusian Order in 11th.C. France; The Carthusian Order was very widespread and prosperous in France, Spain and Italy since the 12th C.

Carthusian monks

Carthusian monk praying alone in his cell

Carthusian monks walking in cloister. The monks in black hooded capes are novice, Italy

Carthusian monk, in his choir stall, at the Divine Offices; The Divine Offices are chanted seven times per day, since the days of the Desert Fathers, St. Anthony of the Desert, St. Paul of the Desert, St. Pachomius, St. Basil the Great, Pope Saint Gregory The Great and St. Benedict and St. Scholastica in the Eastern and Western Churches

Carthusian monks eating dinner in the monastery refectory; The Father superior is seated at the center table, Italy

Carthusian monks kneeling in their choir stalls at the end of chanting a Divine Office

Carthusian monk at prayer, alone in his cell

Carthusian choir book Antiphonary

Burial of a Carthusian monk

Carthusian monks in their choir stalls at the end of chanting the 2 AM Night Office

Carthusian monks cell

Carthusian monks walking through their monestery forest.

Dom Bonaventure at his desk, circa 1957

Brother Christopher delivering the monk's meals

Dom Damian ouside the Charterhouse

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