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We are now open throughout July.

Dear friends of Monks and Nuns Habits & Monastery Garments,

Please telephone us instead of email at:
Customer Service: (415) 601-0970 - 8am-11pm Pacific Time.

We can answer all your questions and particulars/details about monastic habits, clergy apparel and capes best by telephone instead of email. If you can communicate only by email, that is OK - you may use the e-mail link at the top of our home page.

Telephone calls are the surest and fastest way to explain to you the complexities and many different styles, fabric types and details of our custom tailored garments and habits which would be far too time consuming and complex to discuss by e-mail.

Please read our upgraded emal and telephone policy in the scroll down portion of our home page.

We specialize in custom tailored monks & nuns habits; traditional / "Pre-Vatican II" monastic habits & "Post Vatican II" styles and clergy apparel and habits of the Latin, Anglican & Byzantine/Orthodox traditions. Call us instead of email for our updated prices.

We much prefer to discuss all habit and garment subjects & prices by telephone instead of email; Please read our policy on telephone calls & email in the scroll down part of our home page and near the top of our order form at

When you call us, please have the photo numbers from our web site that you would like to discuss; We tailor according to the photos you see on our web site, not on other peoples sites; And as a helpful tool, you are welcome to send 2-3 photos or scans from other sites & print outs; Please avoid small photos & scans; But ultimately, we have to go according to our own web site's garment designs not some one elses web site.

If you want to order a monastic/ religious habit, clergy apparel or liturgical vestments from us, it would be VERY helpful, if you have a model available, (If you don't, then we will use our patterns here) clean from your wardrobe, although not required, to help us make our tailoring a lot easier, to send with your order; a full scale model garment such as a full length tunic that we can duplicate to your exact dimensions and style; Please state all your measurements & info on our order form; And we will return your model garment with your new garment(s) at the completion of your garment; If you can't send a full scale back-up model garment, we wll use our patterns here.

EXTRA TALL, SHORTER OR WIDER CUSTOMER(s) : If you are ordering a garment or habit such as a monk or nuns tunic for yourself or. for a person who is a lot smaller, taller or wider than the average size of yours or their age group, we URGE you, if at all possible, in order to avoid us tailoring an in-acurretly fitted garment or habit, to temporarily provide us with a full scale cloth garment model from your wardrobe that acurretly fits you or the person for whom it is intended; And bare in mind that "Pre-Vatican II" and Byzantine traditional styles and monastic habits are usually loose fitting vs. the more form fitting modern styles.

We sew & sell to the general public, religious orders, religious and monastic individuals, monasteries, convents, special events and for monastic clothing ceremonies etc.

We do not require that our customers follow any religious rules, rubrics or ecclesiastical customs;That is not our job; We don't make the rules; We just make the habits! We do not discriminate against anyone.

Call us about our generous "2 DAY DISCOUNTS" , "7 DAY DISCOUNTS" & VOLLUM DISCOUNTS; They are the same rate for all lay, religious, clergy and monastic orders and individuals; Since most of our customers are in some form of religious, clerical or monastic life of the Roman Catholic, Anglican, Byzantine Rite and Orthodox traditions.

TWO DAY DISCOUNT: Call & ask about this discount; We can give you this discount if we receive your payment WITHIN two days from the day we quote you this discount by phone not by email; This discount ends 2 days latter, at 6 PM, Pacific Time, the close of the business day in our time zone. If you want to take advantage of the "Two Day Discount" please telephone us (not by email) at Customer Service: (831) 426-0337, 8AM till 11 PM Pacific Time; And we'll be happy to give you this discount & tell you by phone how much the discount will be which will reduce your total cost; After this 2 day period, if we have not received your payment, nor your initiating a direct deposit or wire transfer or overnght express delivery, the garment(s) or habits(s) go back up to regular prices The Two Day Discount" is larger than the 7 day discount.

7 DAY DISCOUNTS: Call & ask about this discount; We can give you this discount if we receive your payment WITHIN 7 days from the day we quote you this discount by phone not by email; This discount ends 7 days latter, (ncluding Saturday & Sunday at 6 PM, Pacific Time, the close of the business day in our time zone. After this 7 day period, if we have not received your payment, nor your initiating a direct deposit or wire transfer or overnght express delivery, the garment(s) or habits(s) go back up to regular prices

We have a lot of fabric here in stock or you are welcome to send your own fabric; Call us FIRST for details; And we will just bill you for the cost of our craftsmanship, shipping and any possible rush order charge if you want a rush order; We don't do rush orders for overseas; See our rush order rates on the order form at

BE CAREFUL NOT TO CONFUSE US W/ CONFLICTING OR INCONSISTENT INFO: If you are ordering garments for more than one person, please make sure that, among your group, you must ALL AGREE with one another BEFORE you send the completed order form(s) to us; Otherwise we will get conflicting instructions; And have only ONE representative not two or three conflicting reps. speak for your group so as to avoid confusing us, miss-stepped, inconsistent communication(s) and conflicting info given to us before, during and after the entire tailoring and shipping process.

To order a habit or anything from us, simply follow all the ordering instructions in our order form at

If at all possible use a typewriter; Second best-use a ball point pen; Fill out the order form in a clear, legible, non-confusing manner; Please do not write your measurements in centimeters on the order form; Do not use a led pencil or felt tip pen or dry marker of any color; Your typing (preferred) or ball point pen can overflow into the right margins & bottom margins of our order form; Send us ONLY one completed order form per order; Do not send duplicates of your same completed order form.

Call us so we can quote you our updated prices; Prices are based on your choice of cotton/poly, poly/wool, 100% wool, 100% poly, 100% cotton; Prices are also based on if you want: Pockets, Hip slits, Stiff hood, Soft hood, Benedictine habit, Cistercian habit, O,F.M., Francscan habit, Carmelite habit, Standard monastic pointed hood or Swiss-American style hood, O.F.M. hood, Post-Vatican II modern nuns habit style, Full length traditional male or female "Pre-Vatican II" monk, friar or nuns style. (Be specific about this & careful NOT to confuse us with garment gender / androgenous switching which has becoming increasing popular in the Roman & Anglican monastic traditions since the mid-1970's) Rush order? Non-Rush order? Overseas? Average adult size? Child size? A lot larger, smaller, shorter, wider or taller than your age group's average size? etc.

All the above complex details cannot be discussed adiquetly and in a timely manner by email; Only by telephone; Please read our email & telephone policy in our home page.

We do not charge tax
We do not accept credit cards or PayPal
We do not make anything in "one size fits all"; We do only custom tailoring to order
We do not tailor according to other peoples web site(s), measuring system or numbered measurement charts; Please do not send your own self styled order form; Use ours only. We do not take garment orders over the phone; State everything on our order form. We talk with customers 7 days a week by phone but do no sewing on weekends or major holidays.

We do not discriminate against anyone based on race, creed (religion), gender, age, sexual orientation, economic, labor, imigrant, merital or employment status, political or religious affiliation(s) or canonical church status etc.(We envision, work and prey for the day when all the rest of Christendom-indeed the whole WORLD FAMLY will finally adopt such an enlightened, unversal view and policy of compassion and human acceptance-wether it's ordering habits or in every day life and work; Our world will be all the better and uplifted for it.

Call us and ask about our 2 day discounts, 7 day discounts and volume discounts

We have "Grade A Plus " rating with the Better Business Bureau of Northern California

We do not tailor rush orders for overseas; Only non-rush order abroad.

We try to discourage customers from ordering pleats in tunics (It's a lot of work & time) or any other garments if the pleats are going to be all covered up by a capuche, scapular or elbow length sholder capelett; Hidden pleates are counterproductive; You would be throwing your money away on pleates just to have them all covered up and not seen at all; And we would be wasting our valuable time tailoring pleated that will be always hidden.

Visit our order form

YOUR PAYMENT METHOD OPTIONS: Choose one below; Call us for details or clarifications:
May we recommend either direct deposit as the MOST efficient, free & speedy way to send your payment; And your completed order form can trail behind via US Priority mail, Fed-Ex express, Post Office express or UPS express- sent to our taloring studio;Call for details.

1) US MAIL: Send via US mail, check or money order; Please do NOT send a two party check or two party money order; Only a one party check or M/O payable only to Paul Bernardino; See order form.

2) DIRECT DEPOSIT: Send via direct deposit ; Call us for any needed clarification of details; Please have your cell phone & this info with you if you do this inside a bank in case you or a bank rep. needs to call us.
Recipients name: Paul L. Bernardino
Recipients Bank name: (Call for details)
Recipients Bank address:(Call for details)
Recipients Bank checking account # (Call for details)

3) WIRE TRANSFER: Call us for any needed clarification of details: Please have your cell phone & this info with you if you do this inside a bank or on line in case you or a bank rep. needs to call us.
Recipient: Paul L. Bernardino
Reciepients Bank name: (Call for details)
Recipients bank address: (Call for details)
Recipients Bank checking account # (Call for details)
International Swift Code / International Routing #: Domestic (Within USA) Wire Transfer Routing # Please call us as soon as you complete your wire transfer or direct deposit; Call us at: Customer Service: (415) 601-0970 - 8am-11pm Pacific Time

Send completed order form (typed font preferred) to our home address at:

(Call for details)

As of 1/1/12, we no longer send out any printed catalogs; You can see all our garments & habits on our web site & on line galleries.

"The whole world is my monastery & everyone in it are my brothers & sisters; And the Redwood forests are my high Gothic cloister of Peace & contemplation.

Thank you for visiting us at Monastery Garments & Monks and Nuns Habits

Very sincerely,

Paul Bernardino, monastic tailor

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