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We tailor and sell to the general public, traditional, authentic monks, Friars and nuns habits of the Roman Catholic and Anglican Church traditions in the Benedictine, Franciscan, Dominican, Carmelite, Cistercian styles etc., Including monastic and medieval style capes and clergy cassocks.

We also tailor traditional monastic and clerical garments, Rasa and habits of the Orthodox Churches and Byzantine and other Eastern Rites as well as certain Byzantine and Latin/Western and Anglican liturgical vestments.

We can tailor and customize to your garment/habit specifications, and may be able to serve your special projects, events, ceremonies and monastic/religious profession ceremonies.

We offer generous volume discounts, "Two Day Discounts", Fall sale discounts, etc.

We Cannot fit them ALL in our web site.  Traditional, authentic monastic/religious habits are our speciality and focus.  Unfortunately, we can not fit all the habits, the almost 350 Pre-Vatican 11 nun's Orders, and almost 400 men's Orders of the Roman Catholic Church, habit photos in our web site and galleries.  But we show you many representative samples from the above religious Orders including some from the great Orthodox and Anglican monastic traditions.

"We don't make the Rules; We just make the habits."

Paul Bernardino
391 Ellis St. San Francisco, California 94102

Customer Service: (415) 601-0970 - 9 AM till 11 PM Pacific Time.


Our Wise E-Mail & Telephone Policy
Please try to keep your phone calls per garment order to 15 min. max.

If you use the internet and e-mail system regularly and read the daily press which gives constant, clear warnings about internet hackers,spam and preditors, we herein assume that you already know about the perils and downside of using these global systems; And that you ALREADY know about the email system's perils BEFORE you contacted us; That you are ALREADY aware about the many hackers, preditors and spam who use the email system, who are constantly seeking to target, dupe, deceive and exploit people and groups for personal gain; Therefore we herein voluntarily remind you, but are not required to do so, that you use the email system at your OWN risk; Therefore YOU are responsible not us for warning yourself and your associates about these above email problems; It is common knowledge; Therefore we are not required to give you any type of warning if anything goes wrong ie. if a hacker or predator goes on the loose and hacks into and steals our email contact list and tries to get into yours via ours or vis versa; But whenever possible we will try to notify you and hopefull vis versa if and when anything goes wrong such as a hacker problem; Therefore you herein understand that YOU not us who are ultimately responsible for trying to resolve any potential, in progress or actual problems related to hackers, spam and preditors etc YOU USE THE EMAIL SYSTEM AT YOUR OWN RISK; WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE. Please use the telephone system when possible to initially contact us instead of email.

If you get any suspicious email,...........
If you get any such suspicious email, (sometimes marked "Suspicious mail" with a greenish/gold warning) do not respond to them; Call us right away by TELEPHONE; The hacker or predator may try to use or exploit any of our personal or company name, info or try to claim that some of our staff are stranded in a foreign land or in need of your money to get back home; Or may try to offer you a large sum of money in a bogus "corporate" or "government" business deal; These are devious internet scammers & predators; Do NOT reply to them; Call us right away; You may also send us an intro email (Please include your phone # so we can call you) after you first TELEPHONE us to get our "OK" for you to send us any email. Please be aware of the many hackers & predators on the internet.

The fastest way to initially contact us, if you are in North America, is by phone instead of email, at (415) 601-0970 9 AM till 11 PM Pacific Time, due to the many complexities, types & details of religious/monastic habits, vestments & clergy apparel and your particular needs; This can be done much easier & quicker in an initial 5-10 min. phone call instead of email; You may email us if you are outside North America & unable to call by phone; We will be happy to quote prices, types of fabrics & discuss your ideas & details in a 5-15 minute telephone call, (415) 601-0970 9 AM till 11 PM, Pacific Time. Please read our garment ordering instructions carefully

It is a good idea, if you are able, to BOTH telephone & email us due to one of the technologies not working or out of order at any given time or due to a low signal roving area.

We look forward to fulfilling your garment or habit vision and concept.

EMAIL aviso: Telephone calls are always the fastest, preferred and easiest way to initially contact us instead of email; The email system is imperfect and has too many problems and unreliability which we try to avoid whenever possible; We much prefer talking with a live person by phone instead of email; E mail has too many tech failures & many other associated problems;  As of Oct.10, 2010, our new email address is below; All other email addresses you may see on our site are OUTDATED & NOT WORKING and will be removed soon; Please address ALL initial email to us at our updated email below; If you do not get an email response from us in 24 hrs, (possibly due to one of the above cited email tech problems) please telephone us at ((415) 601-0970 9 AM till 11 PM Pacific Time; And we will be happy to talk with you by telephone about our custom tailored garments, traditional, authentic habits and  liturgical vestments of the Latin, Orthodox & Anglican traditions.

Please be alert to the fact that Google and a few of its ranking pages and a few strange garment companies on the Internet, using links to alien web sites unaffiliated with ours, since early December, 2013 has, without our OK, in an irresponsible and very unprofessional way been mixing up and confusing several of our scans/photos of monks, friars and nuns habits etc from our domains and Blog which they or someone else are exploiting, copied and, without our knowledge or permission, uploaded to several alien web sites; Google & other alien web sites and unaffiliated garment companies, without our OK, have copied and linked several or our scans of monks & nuns habits to alien domains and web sites and have mixed them up with strange garments on other entities web sites, including with photo gallery links in several Google ranking pages, also without our OK; Thus causing confusing and a big mess in a few of Google's ranking pages; This is causing much needless confusion and a mess and unethically diverting clicks & hits away from our domains. We are in the process of trying to resolve this issue with Google and the offending garment companies and alien web sites; You are welcome to call us for clarification and an update. Call: .(415) 601-0970 9 AM till 11 PM Pacific Time.

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