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Mar Saba Monastery near the Dead Sea

The Hermits of Cappadocia, Greece
The colorful, festive balloons on the cover of this magazine don't give a clue as to the rigors and austerities of the Early Byzantine Era monasticism and eremitism rigorously and devoutly practiced by the Desert Fathers of Cappadocia. At its height, there were about 8 thousand, mostly male hermits and monks living at Cappadocia from the mid 3rd. C. to late 5th C. AD.; And fewer through the 10th C. Cappadocia is a 50-square-mile plateau of cone shape soft limestone formations with many hermit, cave dwellings, Byzantine Churches and chapels carved out of the bare rock; It is now an open-air museum, a UNESCO World Heritage site where churches and monasteries (carved into the rock) are lavishly decorated with Byzantine icon mosaics and wall murals,
some dating to the 10th Century AD.

Ethiopian Orthodox monk/priest reading an ancient text in their library

Ethiopian Orthodox priest holds a rare manuscript from their monastery library, an 18th Century Narga Sallase illuminated manuscript portrays Ethiopian Queen Walatta Giyorgis (Mentewwab)
Ethiopian Orthodox monk.jpg

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